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Men’s Pair, Women’s Pair, Mixed Pair, Women’s Trio, Men’s Four. 

Balance, Tempo and Combined routines are performed to music. 

The Floor size is 12x12 meters, as in artistic gymnastics  2 minutes 30 seconds and 3 minutes (for the Combined routine) is the maximum duration of the exercises (Except Men’s Fours, 1st routine). 

The minimum age for participation in competition for Seniors is 14 years in the year of competition and 12-18 for the Juniors. 

Pair balance elements must be held for a minimum time of 2 seconds each (deduction of 0.5 points for each missing second). 

Sports Acrobatics offers many advantages when included in a gymnastic environment.  Gym owners will discover that they will be able to provide a competitive atmosphere for those gymnasts who excel in dance and tumbling skills, but don't choose to master the balance beam or pommel horse.  Sports acrobatics seems to have no age limits, and it is not unusual to find international elite level bases who are in their late twenties.  In addition, there are no weight, height, or body build limitations.  Mature gymnasts can utilize their size and strength as base partners, while the smaller gymnasts are needed for the top or "flyer" position.
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