Club Rules

1. Fees
All relevant fees to be paid in full, to the current treasurer, in person, before the first session of every term. This enables the treasurer to present the member with a receipt of payment if necessary. Failure to pay before attending the first session will result in nonparticipation on that session.

2. Arrival and departure
A. On arrival parent must bring the gymnast into the area of activity for registration. The coaches only take on loco-parents control of the gymnast once registered.
B. Members should arrive 10 min’s before the session to help with equipment and allow a prompt start to the session.
C. Members will not be allowed to leave the area of activity until all equipment is put away.
If a gymnast is under 18 years of age the parent or guardian must bring that gymnast into the hall of participation for registration by the coach in charge, they must remain until that coaches says they can leave. Parents may then leave as there child is registered by that coach. Coaches will not take responsibility or teach gymnasts that are dropped off and left with out the gymnast being signed in by the coach in charge. Children’s safety is of the greatest importance.

3. Equipment
To utilise the maximum time allowed all members, parents and guardians should help put the equipment away. Failure to abide by this regulation will result in sessions having to finish early.

4. Parent or guardian help
Each members parent or guardian may help at a session if they wish. To be able to do this that person must be insured with BAGA, the club will pay for this if that person attends on a regular basis.

5. Dress
The following rules apply to all people attending the session, members, coaches and parent or guardian helpers:
A. Jewellery and hair: Long hair to be tied up. No jewellery (body or ears) is allowed to be warn when participating.
This rule has been brought in by British Gymnastics as from July 2003. No jewellery is to be warn in the gym, ear, nose or body. If a gymnast is found to be wearing jewellery and has an injury because of that jewellery their insurance is invalid. A gymnast found wearing jewellery at a squad training or competition will be stopped from participation. 07/2003
B. Clothing should be of the appropriate type. No abrasive fabrics, zips, buttons, buckles, belts or loose cords etc..
C. Footwear: Participating gymnasts are not to wear any footwear other than a gymnastics slipper .

6. Feedback
Any questions, queries or complaints should be dealt with prior or after the session, where appropriate, with the person concerned and preferably a committee member.

7. Authority
In the interests of safety and the well-being of the other members and the club, the coaches have the right during a session to exclude a member from participating if causing undue disruption or harm to themselves, others or equipment. If this occurs the member will be asked to sit out and wait until the end of the session where the parent or guardian will be explained the situation.

8. British Gymnastics
At all times Easton Gymnastics Club and its members and helpers must abide by the rules laid down by British Gymnastics the sports governing body in the United Kingdom.
If you wish to join the club could you will also require some additional personal equipment in the form of straps, wrist bands and gloves for preparation on the bars, these will cost between £6.00 - £8.00 depending on current supply (these are all available through the club). Easton Gymnastics Club membership is much sought after and places are at a premium.

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