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Can all club gymnasts ensure that they are wearing the correct uniform for training! That means no fashion accessories e.g. Ankle warmers, hoodies etc. You are not on the catwalk, you are here to train! If you are unclear as to what you can and can't wear, please speak to a coach.
We now have club T-shirts and leotards in stock for both boys and girls. Please note we no longer have a standard club leotard and we only stock our girl's competition leotard. These have also increased in cost. Prices are as follows:

Girls Competition Leotards
Short sleve£42.00
Long Sleve £50.00

Boys unitard

Hoodies (not to be worn for training)
Children's £23, Adults £26.50



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Waiting List

If you know of anybody wanting to join the club, probably the easiest way to do it is on-line, simply go to

We run open sessions every couple of months for those that are on the waiting list. Once they have had 2 trial sessions, there is a possibility they will be offered a place depending on whether spaces are available at the time.

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Please ensure that you turn up 10 minutes before your session to help with equipment and allow a prompt start. A lot of you are turning up late. This disrupts the warm-up and takes up valuable time. If you arrive later than 10 minutes after your session has started you will not be allowed to join in.

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Parents Help

A big thank you to all who help set up and clear away the equipment each session and it is good to see some new faces helping too, especially when the coaches have not been able to lift. If you can spare time to help set up or clear away it enables the gymnasts to start the sessions on time and leave fairly prompt too. Please be mindful that all help is voluntary therefore the more help the easier it is for all concerned. If you can help in any way then please speak with one of the committee members or one of the coaches. Also thank you to those of you that helped with the Health and Safety checks and with the vacuuming of the mats.
We are truly grateful.

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Health & Safety

• Don’t forget to register when you arrive and when you leave.
• Tie back long hair.
• No shoes
• No jewelery
• No loose clothing
• No open top drinks
• Don’t share your chalk!

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Child Welfare & Protection

If you have any issues or problems regarding the welfare of the gymnasts or staff of Easton Gymnastics Club, please do not hesitate to contact one of the designated qualified Welfare Officers.

Tel:01603 867190
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  If you require any further information on any of these articles please contact us. Email

Easton Gymnastics Club
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